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Question about D rotundafolia and "Lowes" Sundew


Sgt Sarracenia
I have three D rotundafolia between 1/2" and 1 1/4" that I have had for about 6 weeks. I was told or read, I don't remember which, to keep them on Sphagnum moss. They are all doing well and showing new growth. However, I am wondering if this is the right medium. It is probably fine but would rather have them on the "best" medium. Any input is welcome.


I picked up two "Lowes" Sundews about a month ago, I believe them to be D spaulata. I just pulled them out of the Sphagnum they were potted in and replanted in 50/50 Peat and sand. I pulled off some, not nearly all, of the smaller plants and potted them also. Since this is my first "division", I am curious if I should have seperated all of them? In a few months I plan to repot the mother plants anyway. Judging by how much they grew in the last month I think I will need to. Hindsight says I should have used a bigger pot. ??? If it is best to divide all of the plants up I will do so at that time. They were originally bought as experiments, to see if I could keep them going. I really enjoy the Sundews, and plan to keep quite a few species, but am more focused on Pitcher plants and may have more of this species that I care to. Once these divisions mature a bit and toughen up I will probably have about 10 available for trade and more after the next division. It is hard to tell how many as there had to be at least 12-15 plants crammed in each of those industrially packed Lowes pots. I expect to have about 10-12 after the next division. Any input is appreciated.
It is a bit tougher to answer a long post than a short one but I will try to give you my opinion on how I would do things. Others would certainly do things differently and get at least as good results. You see the 'best' way is the way that works best for you under your conditions and that requires yet more experimentation.

If your Drosera rotundifolia plants are doing well in pure lfs (long-fibered sphagnum moss) then that may be as good as any medium. You could always try some different ones by taking a plant or two and trying them in something else. I also like a mix of about 3 parts peat to one part sand to one part perlite as a general sundew mix. With research you will find other possibilities as well.

As far as dividing up your spatulata plants - if the plantlets/young plants have roots then you can safely do so. Some like to grow large quantities in a single pot or you may want only one to get the maximum size from it. Either way you can have healthy, attractive plants. If the plantlets grow too close together you may have some mortality as they compete for space so you may want to thin them out some.
SgtSarr - I grow rotundafolia in a wide variety of mixes, and it's hard to say which one really is better, in that sense I don't think it really matters what they are potted in, in the wild I've seem them growing in several mediums, from peat, to pure LFS, in the crooks of rocks, or wood, to floating on the water in just a plug of sphagnum, or even growing fully submerged...