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What is your experience with the gemmae production times?

D. allantostigma
D. androsacea
D. barbigera
D. callistos
D. citrina var. citrina
D. citrina var. nivea
D. closterostigma
D. dichrosepala subsp. dichrosepala
D. dichrosepala subsp. enodes
D. x Dork's Pink
D. echinoblastus
D. eneabba
D. gibsonii
D. grievei
D. helodes
D. hyperostigma
D. x Lake Badgerup
D. x Lake Carburup
D. lasiantha
D. leucoblasta
D. leucostigma
D. mannii
D. miniata
D. nitidula
D. occidentalis subsp. occidentalis
D. occ. subsp. occ. var. microscapa
D. occ. subsp. australis
D. omissa
D. oreopodion
D. paleacea subsp. paleacea
D. paleacea subsp. leioblastus
D. paleacea subsp. stelliflora
D. paleacea subsp. trichocaulis
D. parvula subsp. parvula
D. parvula subsp. sargentii
D. patens
D. pedicellaris
D. platystigma
D. pulchella
D. pycnoblasta
D. pygmaea2
D. rechingeri
D. roseana
D. scorpioides
D. sewelliae
D. silvicola
D. spilos
D. walyunga
I would think it would depend on your conditions, you know, when your seasons are and what seasons they would typically form gemmae in.

If you grow stuff indoors, sometimes it throws plants off, I had my VFT flower before it put up new trap leaves this year.
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Seems to vary as much as maybe 6 weeks to 2 months from year to year. I guess the best way to see is to look in the trading post and see what and when from that.
I know there's some variation, but there should be a general pattern, like scorpioides being the last to do so.
My Scorps make gemmae starting in November.