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Very nice plants! And what great growing skills as everything looks very happy pebes.
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How old is your lowii and did you grow it from seed?
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Plants are looking superb, P. I think you've got 5 years on the competition with the size of that lowii.. really nice.
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Great looking plants! How do you cool your terrarium and at what temp range? How's the eddie doing?
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pebes, your plants and moss look great!
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Excellent looking plants pebes!
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sweet update Pebes! everything is looking very good. i wish i had your growspace---maybe my plants could look better too!
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Thanks for the kind comments, everyone!

How old is your lowii and did you grow it from seed?

It's a BE "trus madi", I've had it for over four years.

Great looking plants! How do you cool your terrarium and at what temp range? How's the eddie doing?

I'm lucky to live in an area with favorable natural conditions. i do no cooling other than fans in the summer and no heating in the winter. the range in summer is 60 nights to 80 days (spikes into the upper 80s). winter temps are 55 nights (dips into the high 40s) with 75 days. eddie is doing ok, it puts out leaves fairly regularly but it has not increased in size (dime). I'm waiting for a that big jump any day now...
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Super plants that lowii is real big! Love the hairs under the lid...
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my N truncata "pasian" is growing at a monstrous pace. It went from around 3" across to 14" in four leaves.

my N glabrata has about ten growth points

what's this? a leaf with two midveins and two tendrils.

Latest N singalana pitcher.


I re-potted it just after i took this picture and it was badly rootbound with a few large woody roots. it had been in the medium i bought it in for over four years.

my N rajah taking its sweet time.

I dug the N diatas out a bit.

A couple of utrics are starting to grow:
U reniformis with U alpina in back,to the right.

U nephrophylla
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Super nice plants, that N truncata "paisan" looks like it is growing like a rocket! :0o:
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the N glabrata siamese twins are developing

N aristolochioides is pitchering two weeks after repotting

Mr. N talangensis is looking for a Mrs.
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Great, healthy plants - thanks for sharing.

my N glabrata has about ten growth points
I see that a number of people have success with this species. I acquired 2 clones last year & both are quite reluctant to 'thrive'. Both are growing & increasing leaf size (especially during the cool winter weather) but neither has inflated a pitcher for months. I have a small N. argentii that is even more stubborn --- meanwhile another clone is growing great. Go figure! :scratch:
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My N. glabrata has taken many months to settle in to my grow space. It started out looking rather rough, with spotty foliage and the tendrils reluctant to develop pitchers. At the 6 month mark, however, the new foliage looks really good and I have started getting very nice pitchers of excellent quality, although I would say that no more than half the tendrils actually results in a pitcher forming. I'm guessing this is normal behavior for the species....or maybe it is still acclimating. I have the impression that some plants need a full year to settle in to a new home.

FYI, I believe mine is one of the BE clones.
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great looking plants
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Talangensis inflorescence? Hopefully you find something novel to cross it with. I love talangensis but I think it's about time we kept it away from ventricosa.

What sort of mix are you using, Pablo?

To all the glabrata growers, I've noticed this one not only thrives in cold conditions (as in makes large leaves without the red spots), but seems to really require a thick bed of sphagnum to bury its tendrils while at the rosette stage, otherwise pitcher production will be disproportionate to leaf growth. Mine seems to be pitchering well at the moment, but they're all hidden away, deep within the living carpet..
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Here's a pic of the talangensis proving it can rub its tummy and pat its head at the same time. it's got some lowers, almost done inflating an intermediate, starting to work on some uppers and blooming.

N tentaculata Mt. Murud

N lowii latest pitcher and the whole plant.


you can see a bit of exudate on the lid behind the big tendril to the right.
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Talangensis looks outrageously happy. Nice tentaculata. Although mine is bigger, it still won't inflate any normal pitchers so I'm hoping for a turnaround soon. Nice update!
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I love that Lowii! I always see people posting pics of Lowii hybrids, but it seems that 'purebred' Lowiis has actually become more rare. Awesome talangensis vine BTW. :-O