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Hello TFers! Here are a few pics. I will add to this thread in the future.

N lowii

N singalana

N ramispina

N truncata inflating a new pitcher after a 300% jump in leaf size

N talangensis plant

and latest pitcher

N spectabilis

in better days

N edwardsiana "micro-eddy"

N aristolochioides a couple years ago

Ive made a few cuttings from this plant recently, so it looks pretty rough right now

Thanks for checking out my pics.
Wow..... :0o:
Very impressive, great collection. My ramispina wishes it could be as awesome as yours.
Is there any kind of air circulation in that tank? Or is it completely covered without fans?
Thanks for the compliments! Mass- there are two fans in there. a 3.5 inch and a 5 inch. the five inch blows over the plants from the left side and the 3.5 blows under the plants from the right. the plants are sitting on eggcrate that is a few inches of the bottom of the tank. the bottom of the tank holds about 2-4 inches of water.
You...are well on your way to becoming a nepenthes master....if you aren't already. :laaa:
Your N. spectabilis is impressive! Very nicely grown collection.
awesome growing skills pebes. thanks for sharing with us! really digging the spectabilis and aristo! lowii is also impressive!
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huh. seems simple enough.
impressive results!
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Those are some finely grown plants, Mr. P. :usa2:
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Great neps! Im really impressed.
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I was checking out my flytraps today. I think i've left this one in its pot for a little too long. it's overhanging by a few inches all the way around.
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nah, i dunno---looks normal to me. :)
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Wow! That Venus flytrap is huge!
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Good gosh! Just how many plants are in that pot now?!!!
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Very nice plants !! Congrats !!! :)
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new pics! (sorry about the poor quality)

N argentii- got this puppy a little over a month ago. it settled for a few days before it started growing.

N gymnamphora (AW)- I received this plant a couple months ago with two pitchers which quickly browned. This is the first pitcher in my care.

N diatas (AW)- the sphagnum got a head start but little diatas is picking up speed.

N lowii- putting on some size. Here's the newest pitcher inflating.

Newest leaf extending a tendril.

N tentaculata- fast grower.

N hamata- this is the first upper i've gotten from this plant, although the teeth are shapped more like a lower.
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awesome pics! :)
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very nice :) your moss grows like the hair of an italian girl's legs. well done sir :p