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NOID sundew. Any ideas?

I've got a bunch of these coming up in a pot of D. affinis. No clue what it is.. but the affinis did originate with someone that specializes in S. American drosera.
Any ideas?

need closeups. looks more like a south african sundew if anything. something along the lines of trinerva/slackii/aliceae/cuneifolia
thank you.. I'll bust out the macro sometime this evening for you.
They're still young, so it was tough to get a good shot. But there's about a dozen of these little guys so far..

looks like they have a little humic acid buildup at the growth point too. makes it difficult to determine if trinerva. still believe that it's a ZA dew. SA dews do not grow that fast in my experience.
Looks almost exactly like my aliceae
I would say its that probably. My best guess.
I concur with the aliceae diagnosis.
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what is this "humic acid buildup"?
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I'll update this thread in a few months. May make an ID a bit easier to 100%..
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Re: Humic acid - They are refering to the black crust that often forms on the undersides of unopened leaves. This is by no means unique to D. aliciae as I have seen it on freshly repotted D. venusta and D. admirabilis. D. aliciae has a greater propensity for these build-ups.

See this thread:

D. trinervia is easily identified by the three "nerves" on the basal portions of the leaves undersides.

These close-up photos fail to reveal any of the detail such as stipules that would help to ID the plants. At this stage of growth they could be just about any of the species with cuneate/spatulate leaves. Flowers and seed reveal more definitive characteristics to help ID a species.
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Indeed. These kids are still smaller than a dime. So even with the macro lens it didn't help much..
Thanks for the help thus far guys. I'll give this thread a bump at the end of summer.
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D.natalensis x spatulata ?
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great d. affinis. i could not succeed with that one, but the main stem was always much thinner
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Thank you. There's actually two growing there together, which have flowered a couple times since their arrival. They seem quite happy in my colder South American area. Also not sure if it's my lights, or a variation.. But the entire plants are beet red.
I'll snap a pic tomorrow to show you what I mean.
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most ZA african dews prefer highland temps anyways.
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What color are the flowers?
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Don't know.. I didn't let it form that far along before clipping them.
It's been a long time since I've let any of my dews completely flower.
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Here be the twins..