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NOID Oncidium

here is my NOID oncidium that i got from IKEA, in the west window

first time blooming in my care! sooo excited

kinda odd,i thought orchids were supposed to hate the west window...???

well, it seems to like this position just fine!

here it is a while back



and a more recent photo


congrads..As long as your plant is happy where it is, then don't worry about it
they are sarting to open up, just a bit!! i cant wait to see them again! they are a very pretty with pointed petals/sepals spotted burgundy/maroon red the last time i saw its flowers was when i first got it!
and here it is!


it has acthually been open for a while now, but with school starting (im in ninth grade) i haven't had a lot of time to post on TerraForums.

i just realized that you can see my mini-bog out the window in the first two pics! (i had moved it by the time i took the second one, apparently)
Looks like a Brassia not an Oncidium to me. Nice plant though.
I'd say brassidium, really, or maybe an even more complex hybrid.

Pretty, and forever NOID!
yeah, it came labeled as an "Ocidium hybrid", so i was thinking the exact same thing, that it probably isnt an Oncidium, but rather some sort of muligeneric hybrid from the Oncidium/Odontoglossum/Brassia/etc. alliance.

whatever it is, it sure is pretty:)