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I live in Lathrop, California and I have recently been attracted to carnivorous plants. I got into the the hobby due to being attracted by different ways the carnivorous plants catch insects and small animals, also by their different array of colors :D I still grow different plants, but if I had to choose between categories, it would be carnivorous plants(sorry orchids :blush: )...
Here is my current list of plants :-D :
*Drosera Spatulata 'Fraser Island'
*Sarracenia Leucophylla
*Nepenthes Sanguinea
*Some Unknown Tiny Terrestrial Utricularia That Blooms A Lot Of White Flowers...
*Pinguicula Agnata 'True Blue'
*Utricularia Longifolia

This is my list of other plants...
*Spathiphyllum Tasson
*Pelargonium/ Zonal Geranium
*Dracaena 'Janet Craig Compacta'
*Unknown Hard Cane Type Dendrobium
*Unknown Tillandsia
*Unknown Epidendrum
*Cattleya (White Flower with Yellow and Pink Lip)
*Adenium/Desert Rose 'Apollo x Full Moon'
*Drunkard's Dream cactus

My personal want list: (I'm sad that I actually have one...)
*Utricularia Nelumbifolia
*Utricularia Vulgaris
*Utricularia Biloba
*Utricularia Reniformis
*Utricularia Alpina
*Drosera Capensis 'Alba'
*Drosera Hamiltilonii
*Sarracenia Purpurea
*Sarracenia Rubra
*Sarracenia Oreophilla
*Brochinia Reducta

Thank you people:)!!!, I hope to make a lot of friends on this forum, no matter what age:)! :hug:
Welcome! ^_^
:wave: Hi! post a pic of the Utricularia here to identify it.
most likely is utricularia livida. and welcome!
Thanks guys!!!!, cp777, I'll post the picture tomorrow:)
oh yeah, another to see that CPs > orchids everytime :D welcome to the forum, think you gunna enjoy this place
Welcome to TF!