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Available is one packet of about 70 seeds of N. Helen X (spectabilis X mira). N. Helen is a single TC'd Borneo Exotics clone from spathulata X spectabilis, and the pollen parent is a seed-grown BE hybrid I acquired 2 years ago. I believe in both cases, the spectabilis used was BEs "giant" clone. See: http://www.borneoexotics.com/images/0054%20spectabilis/H-768/spectabilis_giant.jpg The goal of this cross is to emphasize the influence of N. spectabilis, since it is represented in both parents and the results should include plants that have a "super spectabilis" appearance.


To qualify:

1) You MUST offer the TF community something FREE in return - standard "pay-it-forward" protocol. You can request reimbursement for mailing costs if you must, but the item must be free of charge. Your reciprocal offer must be made by the end of this month (June), not on some imaginary date in the distant/speculative future.

2) If you have received anything from me in a previous giveaway in the last three months, you are not eligible for this giveaway.

3) If your participation in the TF forums is limited solely to signing up for free stuff, then again, you are not eligible. (You must be a regular participant in the forum discussions. I have no patience for the "gimme gimme" crowd.)

4) make a copy-and-paste style bullet list of your name and a few words to explain what you are giving in return.

I will pick a recipient when I see someone offer something of genuine interest and merit. (IE: I'm unlikely to select you if your offer is D. capensis seed or something similarly ubiquitous)
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1. JB_orchidguy--can offer red leopard cuttings again. I just offered a few too. And I've been having good success with NEP seeds lately.
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