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Nep. x 'Rokko'(several) for trade or postage

I have (at least) 4 N. x 'rokko' plants from cuttings I've taken from my "mother" plant over the years. They are all well established, various sizes & ages, a few suffering from neglect but otherwise healthy & wanting to grow. N. 'rokko' produces nice large pitchers(4"-6+") similar to a larger version N. alata. Mine has been very vigorous & when I've pruned it, almost every cutting I've put up to root has done so quickly & easily.( that's why I have so many now!)
I really want to rehome them so I will give them away for postage($10) or trade if you have something I might be interested in...
which might be:
--rare or interesting Pinguicula**
--small species or hybrid Nepenthes(not lowland)
--rare or interesting Drosera

Special priority given to anyone who is local SF Bay Area & can pick up a plant or meet for exchange(no postage fee!). (I am in SF).
Otherwise, they will be shipped bare-root.

Priv. Msg me with inquiries, etc.