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For Trade Lots of non CP cuttings, seedlings. Looking for: Nepenthes, Cephalotus, Drosera regia, etc.

This is a very long post, sort of a temporary grow list, with tons of pictures. Some pictures are not the best...

I'm stopping by my mom's on Friday (across the SF Bay), and I plan to leave with a bunch of cuttings, seedlings, tubers, rhizomes. I have a lot of experience propagating most of these, but my space is very limited right now. So I'd like to either send off a bunch of cuttings immediately (Saturday or Monday), or root a few of particular interest and distribute the others locally. Most of these grow like weeds outside here.

I'm happy to send a bunch of cuttings/plants in trade for something I want, which includes many Nepenthes, Cephalotus, Drosera regia, others. Ask.

If anyone wants either a lot of cuttings soon, or several rooted ones later please let me know.

If I ship now, it will be without a heat pack, so keep them in mind if it might be below freezing. I think everything can take it to just above 32.

Anyway, here is what I hope to leave with on Friday. I'll try to include pictures if I have them. Some of these I've posted elsewhere on here recently.

Deppea splendens. Would be a small unrooted cutting, if I can take one... Moderately easy to root. All rooted cuttings of bloomed plants are blooming size. Highland tropical from Mexico. Extinct in the wild? A stunning plant :

(My mom's plant is a lot bigger, in a 5 gallon pot)


Agapetes serpens. An unrooted cutting or two. Moderately easy to root. From the Himalayan foothills.

Mom's Agapetes serpens .jpg

Homalocladium platycladum. A couple small cuttings. Generally easy to root, even in water, but occasionally problematic. I believe this is a high elevation plant, but maybe not that heat sensitive (?).

Streptocarpella. A couple unrooted cuttings. African violet/Streptocarpus relative. This is being promoted as an everblooming houseplant. They grow easily outside here.

Streptocarpus .jpg

Sinningia tubiflora. At least a couple tubers. Another Gesneriad. This can be too vigorous in the ground, I'm told. Surprisingly hardy. Fills a pot with tubers.

Kohleria 'Jester'. A small rhizome piece. This is a houseplant here. Makes tons of rhizomes for propagation.

Kohleria Jester.JPG

Tinantia pringlei: Cutting, possibly a seedling. This is trivial to root. The purple spotted Tradescantia. This is a bit of a weed, usually a good weed. Apparently it can seed out too much in a greenhouse. It's surprisingly hardy (zone 7, by reseeding, I think).

Petunia exserta. Small seedling, if available... Almost extinct in the wild, easy in cultivation. The only red and hummingbird pollinated Petunia in the wild. Makes tons of seeds, and reseeds pretty vigorously.

A photo ruined by Photobucket:

Petunia exserta 4 inch pot_zpspbwa9ozc.jpg

Craassula 'Red Pagoda'. Small cutting. A stunning and fun plant, but I don't have a good picture. Gets red coloration part of the time.

Fuchsia procumbens. A couple unrooted cuttings. May be leafless right now. A creeper; bizarre flowers have blue pollen.

Fuchsia procumbens .jpg

Abutilon 'Little Imp'. A cutting or two. This plant is attacked by the deer, which might determine its availability. Easy to root and grow. An Abutilon megapotamicum selection or hybrid.


Begonia 'Capricorn'. A leaf. Easy to propagate by rooting a leaf in water. Roots/plantlets appear. This is a large growing Rex Begonia:

Begonia 'Capricorn'.jpg

I have the following at my place:

Impatiens namchabarwensis, the blue Impatiens. Recently discovered in the deepest canyon in the world, in Tibet. A perennial here, reseeds in areas with frost/freezes, even pretty cold areas. Trivial from cuttings.

Impatiens namchabarwensis .jpg

Trachelium caeruleum 'Hamer Pandora'. Volunteer seedling. Zone 7b, I think, but doesn't like the warm areas of the South.

Sansevieria trifasciata ‘Hattie Woods’. Tiny plantlet with roots. See other post.

Tradescantia pallida ‘Kartuz Giant’. Small rooted cutting. A giant version of the common "Purple Heart".

Hopefully I can get most, or even all of these, but I won't know until Friday.
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I found a photo of Crassula 'Red Pagoda', at a time when it was a lot more green than red. I don't know what influences color changes. Temperature, season?

Crassula 'Red Pagoda' .jpg
Definitely interested in the Deppea splendens. Do you have a recommended rooting technique? I could send some Cephalotus ‘UC Davis’ leaf pullings in exchange.
That sounds great. I'll have to take a look at the plant, and run it by my mom, just to be sure, but I doubt that would be a problem. I'll check tonight.

I always feel a little guilty taking cutting(s) most of the year, because it's often in bloom, and the flowers come out of the end of the new growth. However, this should currently be the window in which it's not blooming, so it's the perfect time to cut it back. My mom tends to underwater, but then we did get a bit of rain... Generally it has few of the green regions that seemed to root the easiest, I think because of the high sun and relatively low water. It's a mostly woody plant, with clusters of leaves at the ends. All of these are reasons I want to give it a look first.

I honestly don't remember the woody regions rooting poorly after this first attempt. Possibly they're slower. If it fails, we could try again...

Here's the first time I tried propagation, in detail. I have a vague memory that I eventually got more of these to root eventually, but I'm not sure. My general experience is that i get maybe 70% to root.

And here's the plant on Christmas day, 2016

Definitely interested in the Deppea splendens. Do you have a recommended rooting technique? I could send some Cephalotus ‘UC Davis’ leaf pullings in exchange.
Yeah, I checked with her. She says "It has a lot of new growth". I'll have to see exactly what i can cut, though.
I might send any leftover plant material free, for postage. For example, possibly I could send a set of Gesneriads: Sinningia tubiflora tubers + Streptocarpella cuttings + Kohleria rhizome. I'll have to think about it, but I'm open for suggestions. Again, for the most part these will need to be dealt with immediately, and my space is lacking.

I think I mentioned here recently that I've let a huge number of (non-CP) seeds go to waste over the years, along with enormous numbers of plantlets, potential cuttings and so on.

As a start, I'll post in a few minutes a small number of seeds which I received in January of Dahlia coccinea, a wild species, selected for good edible tubers. I'll send these completely free. I got seeds in late January; almost all I planted germinated in 5 days and I now have 20 plant in individual pots.
Here's what the branches looked like on the Deppea plant. Clusters of leaves at the termini, and farther up the stems, new growth starting in multiple places (red arrows). Removing a cutting should stimulate the new growth to expand.

Deppea cutting on plant, growth points.jpg

I took the following cuttings. After this photo, I removed some of the leaves, and wrapped the ends in moist paper towels for shipping:

Deppea cuttings .jpg
I'm pretty much closing this, and transferring most of the remaining items to an offering which will convert to a giveaway if a trade of some sort doesn't quickly materialize. I need to get these sent as soon as possible, probably Monday.