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Looking For (trade) Looking for Drosera aliciae, or possibly Pinguicula 'Tina' or other Pinguiculas. Have: lots of non CP cuttings.

This is sort of an odd Mother's Day trade (or shortly thereafter) that split off from an NASC auction.

I got some cuttings from my mom's, and hoping to get one or more things back

Drosera aliciae. My mom's name is Alice. She once got the plant as a freebie, as a hitchhiker in a Sarracenia she bought at California Carnivores--in the old days when it was on the grounds of a winery. That was years ago, and she lost it. She got Pinguicula 'Tina' as a gift from a friend who owns an Orchid nursery. She lost that as well. Lately, she has taken an interest in Pinguiculas or perhaps a Ping rock. She really likes the color red...

I'm looking to trade for half of each set of cuttings pictured in the NASC auction. It seemed silly to duplicate photos and keep cuttings separate.

This auction:

Again, half of each type of cutting in trade. Things are described in more detail in that post.

Here's the list of cuttings.
Agapetes serpens
Sinningia tubiflora
Crassula 'Red Pagoda'
Tinantia pringlei
Homalocladium platycladon
Fuchsia procumbens

I can also add some Passiflora foetida seeds, if those are of interest.

Of course in a trade, each of us would pay our own shipping.