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N. spectabilis 'No. Sumatra Clone 1' (mylesG $30)

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Hey guys,

Up for auction is one Nepenthes spectabilis 'No. Sumatra Clone 1'. Plant has been in my care for about 3.5 years. 3 pitchers are open with a fourth on the way. I grow this plant in intermediate-HL conditions. Pitchers are currently ~4 inches on this plant.
Here's a couple pictures!


Plant will be shipped bare root. I will pay shipping :D
USA ONLY, sorry...
Please plan to pay within 24 hours of auction closing, I will ship within a few days after the auction closes after receiving word of the payment.
Bidding starts at $5.
If you need any more info, feel free to send me a PM!
Payment has been received by the NASC. You are free to ship!
west, can you please let me know if it has shipped, i havent heard back since sending address :)
Plant was delivered to post office today. Sorry for the delay, Myles! It will ship out Monday via Priority.
plant nearly dead on arrival. :(

i cut off the dead leaves andpotted it anyway. a few leaves are still green event hough they are somewhat crisp and growthpoint is limp. crossing fingers it can be pulled back fromt he brink
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Dang man I'm so sorry... I feel so bad. I really tried to package it well, I have no clue what could have happened..... I guess I need to work on my packaging skills a lot. :-( I really hope it pulls through for you, and if there's anything I can do, let me know... I'll try my best to find another one somewhere if it doesn't make it.
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the paper towels were seperated from the plant/roots and competely dried out as had the nep and the fern.

good thing it wasnt a rare much sought after nep lol
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Ugh...... I can't believe it. I had wrapped the roots in a paper towel.... But I have no excuse, I completely messed it up, I'm so so sorry....
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its ok :) dont be too hard on yourself! but having the plant in a sealed plastic bag with the roots wrapped in a wet paper towel usually does the trick very well. its the way i go when shipping any neps.
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Yeah... I should have looked into it... Or just used common sense. I just figured since I always ship sarrs wrapped in moist paper towels, it'd be fine for a nep too. Is it at all salvageable...? Do you have any photos of its current condition?
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ill take some pics in morning, the plant is still browning up. the growthtip is done for, im just hoping for a possible basal or offshoot down the road. its gunna be a long term recovery if it happens
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Any update on this item? I left the thread open since Myles indicated there was an issue with it.

Let us know if there's anything the NASC can do to help resolve the situation.

Ryan Kitko
Vice President, The North American Sarracenia Conservancy
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unfortunately it is dead :/

but i do not wish to get a refund or anything like that, the thread can be closed :) money still well spent
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So sorry to hear that, Myles :(
Thanks for your generous support. I have an idea, but I'll PM you the details :)
Otherwise, consider the thread closed. Cheers!
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