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N. singalana x hamata update.


Stovepipe (The Beast) RIP My friend.
Hello all,
Just figured I would show you how my plant has been doing lately.
Since I last posted on 5-22-13, I re-potted my plant from that small stump pot into a much bigger plastic pot. Can't remember exactly what day I re-potted, but it was 5-22 or a couple days after?
I have been giving it Maxsea every few weeks. I'm not sure if it's the Maxsea or the re-potting, but as you can see it has really been doing some growing!
Wasn't set back at all from re-potting. The newest pitcher hasn't darkened up totally yet and there are like three more on there way! The leaves are much larger too.
I guess it must be happy. Thanks for looking.

Plant before re-potting, 5-22-13



The plant as of today, 6-30-13



My god, that plant is simply beautiful! Its so teethy; I love it!
Wow, gorgeous! I kinda like the stump pot, it's cute. Too bad the plant outgrew it. Great growing.
Beautiful plants as always, Matt . . .
Wow that's a huge size increase for a beautiful plant! Nice tree trunk pot you have the Nepenthes potted in -- a true ephite!!
Can't see the pics... Any trick to seeing the pics?
looks amazing I'm really loving those teef, they're very defined on this one!!!
The colors are bright, such a healthy plant :)
That is one exceptional plant! And what great new growth, good things to come :)
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Killer plant Jeff ! Can't believe how much it's grown since you brought it to the meeting.
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Looking great! That is one beautiful hybrid :)