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N. Burbidgeae x Edwardsiana

As some of you know, I bought a N. Burbidgeae x Edwardsiana at a local orchid shop and I want to know all I can about it. It is one of the most gorgeous neps I have ever seen and I cannot have this little guy die! I would be upset if it would die. So please help me learn all I can about these. If you have any advice, please do not hesitate to put it. I also have a few questions.

Has anyone here ever tried of growing it on the windowsill? You guys think I will succeed if I try it?

If I cannot imitate the temp drops at night, should I just stick it in the fridge at night?

How fast does this hybrid grow? Is it very finicky for you?
The Nepenthes burbidgeae x edwardsiana natural hybrid was one of my poorest growers in my first Nepenthes collection. I bought it when they were originally released many years ago and I owned it for four years, it didn't grow much larger than it's size upon arrival in all that time. I repotted it and it got pretty good HL conditions and still it was a pouty slow poke. Other people get it to grow well for them if not just slowly, so your best bet is to experiment and find out. You never know until you try.
slow slow slow slow , Traded it away ,
It is very difficult to get established and has a weak root system. It has to have a very open media and I suspect significant magic must be invoked to get it to thrive. I have a dedicated highland greenhouse, engineered to very exacting specs, and this is the only Nepenthes I have had issues growing. Not recommended for any but the most experienced growers.
This Nepenthes seems to be the most finicky hybrid for the growers that have had it. I got one about 7 months ago and it still hasn't grown one leaf (of course the place where I got it is horrible at growing Nepenthes had I not known then). I repotted it recently into a more perlite mix which it seems to have HATED. Some see it start to move earlier or later. You'd certainly fair a lot better if you didn't grow this one on a windsill. Do you have a garage or some sort of room where you could open the window at night? That should get the temp drop you need. I'd put it in your terrarium but make sure there is a good temp drop. Maybe move your terrarium to where you can open a window in a concealed room at night? Like swords said you just gotta give it your best and try it. If it's in good health then you have a better chance to get it getting to grow for you (I made that mistake :/).
I must disagree with every comment above. This plant has been very easy grower for me and I received it in very poor conditions. It seems to grow very well in interm/ highland conditions, pure NZ spaghnum moss and does seem to like a shader spot in my grow area. Now every plant is different but this has worked well for me.
Thanks for replying everyone. I guess it was a mistake buying this plant.

Kinje- What conditions are you keeping it in?
I am in the UK which might make a difference. I grow mine amongst my Sarracenia and give it a winter min of 10c. It grows in my usual mix of Live Sphagnum and Orchid Bark. I find all plants from MT arrive quite weak and need at least a year to settle in and go from weak and sappy to strong growth. After that they do fine.



My conditions are, nights high 50's and days are highs around mid 70s. Humitity is any where from 60 to 88%. If there is any advice I can give you it would be to figure out your soil and where you are going to put it and leave it alone. I am no expert and only grow about 50ish nepenthes. But I do grow what most consider vey difficult and my last statements has been the key to my success. Oh and if you don't want your mistake I have a good home for it:). Good luck!
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I recently rrcieved onr of these in a trade. It was traded tk ne becausr of its stagnation and wasnt liking its conditions. I pot it up, have it on my HL Gh where it has 50% shade cloth ac unit and grows many hl species well wirh humidity being 80-100%

The plant is working on its first leaf in a relatively short ammpunt of time. If you want slow tray lowii. Both ofine are crawling.
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Mine seems hardy... Never thought of it being difficult much. It finished growing a leaf and opening it in my care and it is starting to grow a new one. The pitchers seem to last pretty long too. Its media has been kept pretty wet to keep the sphag on top from drying out, since its in a greenhouse in the middle of summer.

It has been growing in 50F nights and around 80F days. Some days, it has gotten to around 95F and none of my highlanders, intermediates and lowlanders seem to have any issues with my conditions. They continue to grow and pitcher quickly. 80% humidity morning, 60% humidity day, 80% humidity evening, 90% humidity night.
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Well duh, of course its thriving. Its in a greenhouse with almost perfect temps and humidity! :D
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Well duh, of course its thriving. Its in a greenhouse with almost perfect temps and humidity! :D

Are you in the States or elsewhere? If the local market got the plants direct from MT they would need some hardening up. If on the other hand they had been growing themselves for time they may well be ok. How long have you had it? I have another one growing outside for the summer so would think a windowsill getting good light should be ok just once the plant adjusts. I must admitt I rarely give my neps any special treatment apart from keeping them a bit warmer in the winter.
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I have found this cross to be relatively easy.

Mine arrived in OK condition, nothing special. It immediately started growing from that point on until about a year into owning it, it stopped almost completely and went into suspended animation. It was potted in a particularly dense pot of 100% LFS, and I repotted it into some looser pure LFS. It has since continued to grow and pitcher profusely with no issues. It is not the fastest grower but it certainly is not all that slow either. It seems to be a little picky about its soil but other than that this plant has given me zero trouble. It has thrived in temperatures ranging from intermediate to highland (never either for very long though). It has even continued growing through an infestation of thrips and has shown zero signs of damage or deformities despite the fact that thrips had obviously lived in its leaves.

I've given it pretty high light and a decent standard humidity.

I would say it is a very hardy and easy cross once you get it going.
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Mine is thriving, it arrived in rough shape but after I found out what it likes, it took right off. It appears to thrive in a very well drained mix that is watered often, very bright light, and humidity of at least 60%. Temps are something it isn't overly fussy about, HL to intermediate suits it fine as long as all the other things it likes are provided.
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Dex: Thanks for your replying, that was very helpful info. I wonder whats in my burb x eddie's soil....

Exo: This info helps a lot, thanks! I will be sure to water it alot, and give it lots of light. I have it bagged right now. Have you been giving yours those night temp drops?
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Wow......Pineapple, you got those Highland conditions "spot on". Your greenhouse must be a Nepenthes wonderland :-))
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nice work people i would like to see some pics. of all the plants belonging to everyone saying how easy this nep is
i am not questioning if , just want to see some of these cool plants , i did so want mine to do well , is the person here that i traded mine to?
is it growing for you ?
and by the way nice pics of yours bill.
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Wow......Pineapple, you got those Highland conditions "spot on". Your greenhouse must be a Nepenthes wonderland :-))

Yeah, well 95F was only for a few days. It usually in the 80s during the day and 50s at night. :glare:
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I believe pics were requested....


@Guy...my current temps are 77F day and 68F night, and winter/spring temps are 72F day and 52F night