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I just wanted to share some photos of my Utricularia tank. The substrate is Flora-max mixed with a little peat moss at the bottom with RO water and no CO2 injection, so I don't grow Aldrovanda in here, although since it doesn't really have algae problems I'm considering adding CO2 and putting Aldrovanda in here. I use two compact fluorescent lightbulbs on a timer for 8 hours each day.
The most dominant plant is Utricularia geminiscapa. I started with 15 stems and I have over 100 now. I may do a giveaway in the next few months for some of them. It's even growing faster than the Utricularia gibba.
I also have inflata and I'm not sure whether foliosa and intermedia are still alive, but the inflata isn't producing any bladders. There are small organisms I can see which get caught in the bladders. I'd love to see that happen sometime.





I found it interesting that this stem seems to be getting redder. The foliosa was reddish when I got it a few months ago, but I'm not sure whether that is this plant or not.
very cool Tanukimo! thanks for sharing!
That is really inspiring! I do believe I will make space for this in my home soon! :D

Is 8-hour photo periods really enough? I suppose so, your plants are looking great, but maybe that is why the other Utrics aren't so hot? On the other hand, maybe that is why you don't have an algae problem.... 2 bulbs and only 8 hours is a surprisingly low amount of light to me...but this is looking great! Thanks for sharing!
I'm not sure about the exact amount of time but it's in a pretty dark place with very little natural light, so I don't think there is much light regardless. I think the geminiscapa and gibba might have taken up too much light from the other utrics, although the non-carnivorous plants on the bottom seem to be doing fine. I used to have purpurea and biloba as well. It's only a 10-gallon tank, so it doesn't take up too much space. I haven't change the water for months but I do replenish it with RO water from time to time.

Thanks for all the comments everyone. I'm part of an aquarium forum but since I care more about growing the Utricularia than how the tank looks, I haven't been brave enough to post pictures of this tank there. I might try to start putting some CO2 into the tank to see if it improves the plants' growth. I'm also thinking of making a similar setup outside with a clear plastic tub and pure peat moss as the substrate to grow some more species.
Well it's an awesome recreation of nature that I know I will do someday and my wife will be very elated to see a murky tank of water be added to our apartment! XD