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My Plants

Here are a couple of my favorite plants.

Nepenthes bellii x aristolochioides-This one could become my favorite plant

Nepenthes "mimosa"


Nepenthes spectabilis x mira

Nepenthes bellii


I will add more of my collection as I get some good pictures. I hope you enjoy these ones.
Nice! Not many people grow belli and its hybrids... maybe there just aren't too many around to grow though ???
My best friend in 5th grade (exactly 20 years ago) was named James Hall. Wonder whatever happened to that kid.

Good looking plants. Can't wait to see some more..
like the belli....it is on my nepenthes wishlist for sure.
Thanks everyone. I really like the way many of these are growing.
Hey we live in the same climate zone. So do you keep any neps outdoors?
I am to scared to put anything outside expect cactus. I lost all of my sarracenia in a couple days of extra warm weather. So far I grow all of my plants indoors under florescent lights.
Me too. I'm in the North Dallas area. I had a couple Nepenthes outside earlier in the Spring but when they started getting light burn, I moved them indoors. These last two summers have been awful. :(
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Very nice! Maybe someday I will get brave enough to get a Nep.
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Very nice! Maybe someday I will get brave enough to get a Nep.

Ash, You should just pick a plant or two and jump in. Find a couple that fit your growing conditions and order some up. I have a mix of Highlanders, hybrids and lowlanders all in the same terrarium. Some are doing great, some are doing ok but every one has new growth and pitchers forming. I personally have had a lot more trouble with sundews then nepenthes. I hope you see a photo thread of yours soon.

To everyone else thank you, I have learned a lot from this forum and everyone here and my plants are starting to look good thanks to all of your tips and tricks.