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My Cephs

These two clones were given to me by a friend. I've been very scared to grow them, but I've read plenty of information through this site & have learned and still learning on how to take care of them. I've had them for 3 months now and they are growing! :) hope you like


and so it begins..
thank you, they are such an endearing species.
Very nice! Once they settle in and get comfortable, they'll reward you with a burst of growth.
Woaw !! Very nice, healthy plant !
Congrats !

nice growin, love cephie's
they look really good
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I'm curious about hibernation and these guys. Living in zone 5b I have had a hard time hibernation sarrs and the like outside, and so have traditionally used the refrigerator method. Next year I'm going to try again with the outside hibernation, but that's off the topic....my main question is: how do you hibernate these little guys? At what temperature are they going to hibenrate well? For how long?
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It's been almost 10 months since I've received my first ceph & here is the current baby! :) I found it to be a very rewarding species.

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nice, big fat pitchers. really great progress there, Favian!
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Looks like it might be a Hummer's Giant based on the rib size. I have one bit it hasn't done anything like that; mine just tends to clump up a lot of smaller pitchers.
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Well done. Another year from now and there will be 50 of those fat pitchers!
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Thank you Amphirion!!! :D @ Gigantea, I don't know what cultivar this is as it was given to me by a friend & his mother I knew was ill and I haven't heard from him again.
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Thank you Paul :) I hope so!!