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Male nepenthes pollen search


For my Female Lady Pauline.
talangensis x maxima.
I have pollen of N. ventricosa "red". Common plant, but the shape may be a nice off-setter for this one.....
the blooms are now open and have a slight browning on the bloom tip . is it too late to pollinate now.
its been about 9 or 10 days since i posted the picture above.
when is the optimal time to pollinate.
It is possible that your Nepenthes may flower in the near future since it hasn't used its surplus of energy to create any seeds yet. I have found that the best time to pollinate is when the flowers have just opened up and produced a nectar (may or may not be visible) on the petals & the tip of the flower is sticky. You can pollinate only once, but pollinating the same flowers more than once tends to produce a better seed yield (if you have enough pollen available) .
Isn't "Lady Pauline" a male clone?
seems i have the female from BE their is such a monster , check out my post on lady pauline bloom , their is some debate. but im not the one to explain
just a grower i od have the original tag with their code #
We got seeds h.
Pics on face book. can't load here w phone i will later
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Let's just hope they're viable now..... too cool a cross to lose to a near miss... :)