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Here is a list of plants available. I am interested in Sarracenia and rare Flytraps but who knows. Just let me know what you have and we will work something out. Here's the list:

Wilkerson's White Knight x Purp Venosa Columbus Co., NC - sm/med. x 2, med.

Oreophila Heavy Veined x Catesbaei Veined - sm/med

(Purp Purp x Jonesii) x Rubra Gulfensis Anthocyanin Free - sm/med

Mitchelliana x Leah Wilkerson - sm/med., large with 3 growth points

(Mitch x Leuco) x Leah Wilkerson - sm/med.

Plum x Leah Wilkerson - sm/med., medium x 5, large w/5 growth points x 2

(Wilkerson's Red x O.P) x Wilkerson's Red - small x 3, medium

Savannah Fire x Flava Cinnamon Tube - sm/med.

Red Sumatra x Alata Red/Black - medium

Flava Ornata x Flava Ornata - sm/med x 2

Leah Wilkerson x Ruffled Sparkler - small, med x 3, large

Flava Ornata x Leuco Hot Pink - large w/5 growth points

Readii x Leah Wilkerson - sm/med. x 4, med/lrg w/4 growth points, large w/4 growth points x 2

Ritchie Bell x Purp Venosa Columbus Co., NC - sm/med. x 2

Leuco Franklin A x Red Viper - med x 2 , med/lrg w/3 growth points

Leah Wilkerson x Flava Rubricorpora - sm/med. , large with 3 points x 2

Red Bug - Small

Flava x Minor - large with 5 growth points

Leuco x Courti Southern Pubescent - large with 2 points

Readii #2 (from Sunbelle Exotics) - large w/4 growth points

Readii #3 (from Sunbelle Exotics) - large with 3 growth points

Moorei #2 (from Sunbelle Exotics) - large w/4 growth points

Oreo x Readii - med/large w/3 growth points

Oreo Sand Mountain x Minor Okee - large with 6 growth points

Willisii x Alata - medium
What a list! PM sent.