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Hello you all.

I am a brazilian biologist and I am running my doctoral research on the floristics, ecology and conservation of the Paraná State (southern Brazil) carnivorous plants.

During my fieldwork , I found a new aquatic Utricularia species. The closest species is Utricularia striata, and I need some samples (preferrably alive or alcohol preserved) to compare with my findings.

I have the following brazilian carnivorous plants species for trade: Drosera latifolia, D. communis, D. viridis, D. capillaris, Genlisea repens, Utricularia tricolor, U. gibba, U. nana, U. calycyfida, U. longifolia, U. erectiflora, U. reniformis and Catopsis berteroniana. Have also some seeds of D. brevifolia , D. latifolia, and perhaps G. repens.

Please contact me as soon as possible. A friend of mine is returning from New Jersey to Brazil in the beginning of February, and my doctoral deadline is in the end of February....

If you prefer, contact me at Facebook or at dpsaridakis@gmail.com.

Best wishes,

Biologist MSc. Dennis P. Ostrensky-Saridakis
Parana Federal University
Curitiba, Parana State, Southern Brazil