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Looking for south american drosera


Mr. veitchii
I recently set up my terrarium and I decided that I'm going to focus on SA dew species since they are my favourite kind of drosera. So now I am really looking for any south american species, but I'm particuralrly intrested in ascendens w. location data, graomogolensis, graminifolia, and felix. Please take a look at my growlist and see if anything intrests you. Obviously, I do not want to trade any SA species that I currently have, but I ordered multiples of some of the things on my incoming list so I might be willing to trade some of those off if they look nice upon arrival. Please PM me if you have anything to trade!
Ok I found graomogolensis, I'm still looking for any other SA drosera especially ascendens, esmeraldae, and graminifolia.