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Merry Christmas everyone, I am looking for the following plants because I am having trouble finding any:
Stylidium Debile
Utricularia Nelumbifolia
Drosera Capensis 'Albino'
Any easy pygmy drosera sp.(I want to try, but sorta intimidated)
Drosera Madagascariensis
Sarracenia Rubra 'common,typical'
Thanks and happy holidays!
*I may take a while to respond to this thread*
this website is hosted by a carnivorous plant vendor which I believe might be california based so may want to check with flytrapshop.com.
that crosses out d. capensis 'albino'.
i'm still looking for the other ones...
especially stylidium debile and u. nelumbifolia
dag...i had a rubra and a madagascarensis not 2 weeks ago :(
I have everything on that list..
I've got more Drosera roseanna gemmae than I can reasonably count.
Just FYI cpbobby. If I'm not mistaken Andrew is in Arizona. Unless he relocated.