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I am on the lookout for any of the following pinguicula:

PM me

Pinguicula 'Crystal'
Pinguicula agnata {scented flower} *
Pinguicula agnata var. tamaulipes {Eastern of Vinder Victors, Mexico}
Pinguicula colimensis
Pinguicula crassifolia
Pinguicula debbertiana {white flower}
Pinguicula ehlersiae {Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo, Mex.}
Pinguicula elizabethiae
Pinguicula esseriana GIANT Form
Pinguicula gigantea Best Carnivorous Plants Clone
Pinguicula gigantea {white flower}
Pinguicula gracilis
Pinguicula ibarrae {Tlanchinol; Mex.}
Pinguicula immaculata
Pinguicula jaumavensis {75}
Pinguicula jaumavensis {L90-14}
Pinguicula kondoi
Pinguicula mirandae {Oaxaca, Mexico}
Pinguicula moranensis {El Chico}
Pinguicula moranensis {Huixteco, Mex.}
Pinguicula moranensis {Las Minas Veri, Mex.}
Pinguicula moranensis {Santa Maria Yucuiti}
Pinguicula moranensis {Sierra San Felipe, Mexico}
Pinguicula moranensis f. rosei
Pinguicula moranensis var. alba
Pinguicula nivalis
Pinguicula oblongiloba
Pinguicula potosiensis
Pinguicula potosiensis {Clone 34I, green-red leafs}
Pinguicula potosiensis {Clone 34L, red leafs}
Pinguicula rectifolia
Pinguicula reticultata
Pinguicula spec. Ciudad Victoria {coll. Lautner, 90-14}
Pinguicula mesophytica
isnt that all of them LOL