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Location Data Sarracenia minor giveaway

Hey guys,
So the CCPS recently received a ton of seedlings of Sarracenia minor with location data from Francis Marion National Forest from Dr. Larry Mellichamp, the creator of the Bug Series Sarracenia. We have so many that we're going to give a few away. If you want a chance to grow some of these seedlings out all you have to do is post your guess of how many seedlings are in the clump pictured in the link and the closest guess wins the seedlings. Post your guess on the thread in the other link.

Good Luck!
all entries must be posted on the other forum, sorry!
good gawd!

more space than I have....closer to 400+ i'd say
Again, please post guesses on the other forum post. Also It is over 1000. Anyone that has guessed already is welcome to guess again, but on the other forum!
dont have the space for all that......nice giveaway tho.
The winner only receives 18 seedlings...
I recently saw S. minor in the Francis Marion Forest in person. In fact, the picture that serves as my avatar on TF is of one of my favorites from that site. Nice looking plants. Even the small populations I managed to find had nice genetic variance as did the S. flava in the same location.

What a good give away. Time to go guess. ;)