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Jan 5, 2005
New Jersey, USA
As the title notes, I'm looking for small (2-6") plants of N. vogeli & N. lingulata. I prefer SG but would consider T/C.

For the right plants, I will consider offering:

- Heliamphora - species including H. uncinata, huberi, pulchella (different locations), heterodoxa, nutans & possibly collina
- Utricularia - Orchidioides - including quelchii, jitka, nelumbifolia, humboldtii, geminiloba, asplundii & ....
- Drosera - prolifera, schizandra, regia & ....
- Cephalotus 'Hummer's Giant'

I will also consider possible trades for other SG Neps & H. pulchella - Amuri tepui

If interested, please send an email to:


- name
- forum name
- information on the plant you are offering to trade

In addition:

- plants are not for sale
- this is not on a 1st come basis - no need to rush
- plant will be shipped via USPS Priority mail.
- while I will attempt to respond in a timely manner, I may not succeed ???
- USA only

- Thanks for playing :bigthumpup: