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The Carnivorous Plantation in southern Alabama has an opening for a grower/operations manager. Compensation is competetive salary and free use of 1 bedroom apartment on site. The candidate will be responsible for greenhouse and field growth of Sarracenia and Nepenthes. Tissue culture experience is highly desirable. In addition to growing cp's, duties include weed control, burning fields, operating tractor and lawn mower, light plumbing, grounds maintenance, and seed collection. Please send salary requirements, resume, a brief description of relevant experience, and date when you could move to Alabama to info@heliamphora.us. Thanks
Super jealous of whoever gets this job!
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If only this offer had come up, twenty years earlier.:-(
I know 15 years ago and no wife I would be driving down tomorrow
Holy cow..... and the search is on!!!
Im on the verge of applying and packing tonight
This sounds like a perfect job FOR

A couple years too early for me. :-(