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Hi from the Carolinas!

Hey everyone! This is an account that will be accessed by the board of the newly formed Carolina Carnivorous Plant Society. Any of them will be able to post on this account. We will have a single thread to give updates about what we are doing as an organization and possibly a few picture threads.

So far we are just a facebook group and email list but hopefully soon we will become a nonprofit. Don't be fooled by our name, we are hoping to become the dominant CP society in the southeastern United States, we just want our conservation focus to be on the Carolinas, hence the name. Our mission statement is as follows:

The mission of the Carolina Carnivorous Plant Society (CCPS) is to promote conservation of carnivorous plants and their habitats through education, cultivation, and community.

We have big goals set for our organization which we will describe in later posts. So stay tuned! We have had our first meetup which had about 20 members in attendance and we are up to about 60 members on our facebook group. Ironically we have members from all over the US not just the Southeast, plus two international members from Canada and Mexico. We are hoping to have at least 4 group meet ups a year either visiting member's collections, public collections at universities, or visiting the plants in situ.

We have elected a board which consists of mcmcnair (President and the person writing this), a vice president (lil hokie), a PR/Marketing manager (Wireman), a treasurer (uphwiz), and a member at large (ozzy). We host meetings every Tuesday at 6pm EST via our skype account: carolinacarnivorousplantsociety
They are open to anyone that would like to attend.

We will be attending the Fire in the Lakes festival in Boiling Springs, NC on March 23rd and Crossfest in Bowling Green, Virginia in late June.

Feel free to join our email list (carolinaCPsociety@gmail.com) or our facebook group. The email list will be our main form of communicating what we have going on so please add yourself to that on top of everything else. We are working on a website and we have T-shirts in the works as well!

Thanks! I hope you will consider joining!
Welcome CCPS! :laaa:
sweet. you guys kicked it off!
Nice to see CP societies on TF! Welcome and I hope you guys can get started with meetings and projects soon.
We already have meetings setup via skype every Tuesday. The board meetings are at 6pm and everyone else is welcome to join beginning at 6:45 and 7 for general CP chitchat. Add us on skype, carolinacarnivorousplantsociety is our username. As for actual meetups, March 23rd, we will be at the Fire in the Lakes in Wilmington, NC and June 29th we will be at Crossfest, being hosted by Meadowview Biological Research Station in Bowling Green, VA.
nice. Sounds like you guys are doing pretty well. I would get involved if I lived down there. Good luck in all of your future endeavors.
Welcome to TF :)