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Hi from Australia

Hi Guys,

It happened like this, I went to my local Bunnings store ( hardware/garden ) and while hubby toddled off to look at "Man stuff ", I went to look at the garden part.

Well, on what I call the "dead and dying" rack I found a little Sarracenia, looking what I thought was very sorry for it's self.

After reading about cps, I'm now thinking that it was just dormant ? if that's the right word ? .

Anyways to cut a long story short, I wont bother you with details.....but now I have 2 cps....the Sarracenia and a Pitcher plant ( who was not on the d & d rack )

So I joined up to learn how to look after cps....... and perhaps in time, I will be able to help others :cool:

Well that's me for now, I'm sure I will be asking lots of questions and might even manage to post a pic or two :D

Welcome to the forum!
nice to see new members , sure youll find lots of help here, this is a very generous and friendly place.
Welcome to TerraForums :D
Welcome to TF! Do they really have vegemite sandwiches in the land down under?
Thanks for the warm welcome :D.

Yes jimscott, indeed they do...and it tastes yummy :-D
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Are you familiar with, 'Men At Work'?
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Yeah, I love "land down under" and "who can it be now ? "
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Welcome and there is lots of great info here as well as great growers.
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Ever hear of Midnight Oil?
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Olivia Newton-John?