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Help! Dried Sarracenias

Hey everybody! So I went out of town for 2 weeks with a solemn promise from my boyfriend that he would check my trays for dryness and water them while I was gone, but alas he did not and with what small rain we did receive my plants are looking rough. The vft's and the Sarracenia purpurata are fine and so are most of my sundews. However, all of my other Sarracenia look bleak, the traps are all brown and withered and limp. I squeezed the bulbs and they seem firm but I am wondering if I should bother to try to revive them or just throw them out. Not wanting to waste precious water on them. All in all I have 10 varities of Sarracenia that have been affected.

What I want to know is this; is there something I can do, will any of them likely recover? This is only my third season growing carnivorous plants so I am still a novice, so any advice would be helpful.

I have in this past week been gathering supplies to put them in a bog as opposed to leaving them in pots in trays, hoping this will help safeguard against any future accidental droughts. Which is why I am consulting you, should I bother to put the dried plants in the new bog or toss them to save the supplies for when I acquire new plants.

If you would like photos let me know.

As long as the rhizomes are still alive the plants will live. Water them and see what makes it, you may not have a total loss on your hands.
Where there is green there is hope. As said above, just water the plants and see what comes up. The limp pitchers (green) may come back but may be twisted and deformed.
I would definitely say water them, I bet they will come back. Sarracenia are tough plants in my short experience with them. I had a box of them shipped to me, one of them got buried in all the packing material and left in my garage with no light for a month plus in a plastic bag with some barely moist LFS around some of the roots. That was about a month ago and it still looks like it will pull through.
Most of them are still green at the very bottom of the leaves but one is browned all the way to the bulb. I have been keeping them wet as usual, and with some mch needed rain last night I am hopeful from your replies that all will come back. But I think I will wait a bit for the bog assembly for a few weeks to be sure. Thanks again!