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  1. S

    Help! Dried Sarracenias

    Hey everybody! So I went out of town for 2 weeks with a solemn promise from my boyfriend that he would check my trays for dryness and water them while I was gone, but alas he did not and with what small rain we did receive my plants are looking rough. The vft's and the Sarracenia purpurata are...
  2. D

    water loving cp's for a terrarium

    I have a 125 gallon terrarium with a pond. I am about to redesign my terrarium and turn the pond into a bog. I need some ideas on what cp's would be best there. I'm actually thinking of stuffing the pond area with sphagnum moss and having the water level just at or slightly above the moss. I...
  3. jimscott

    Cultivation of pygmy Drosera, by Jan Flísek and Kamil Pásek

    Cultivation of pygmy Drosera Jan Flísek and Kamil Pásek Pygmy Drosera comprise up a peculiar group that include the smallest sundews - small growth is a typical characteristic of this group. Most pygmy Drosera are found in southwestern areas of Western Australia. Only D. pygmaea is found in...
  4. herenorthere

    be a precipitation monitor

    Seeing someone else's post about storm chasing me reminded me to tell everyone about CoCoRaHS, a national network of volunteers who monitor precipitation at their homes. I think a number of people here might be interested in participating. Here's an example of what they saw one day: As you...
  5. herenorthere

    water plan: better to act than react

    Here's an editorial about water from a North Carolina newspaper - http://www.salisburypost.com/Opinion/080108-edit-water-plan and it gets into issues pretty much all of us will be grappling with in the near future, if we aren't already. I'm curious what people think of more government intrusion...
  6. Ozzy

    New Bog w/ NASC Auction Plants

    I have been planning to build a bog ever since I moved back home two years ago. I've finally did it. I'm planning to fill it with plants that I won in the NASC auction. I used the blocks that used to build small walls. I built it up two blocks high, then laid a sheet of plastic in it. I used...