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New Bog w/ NASC Auction Plants


SirKristoff is a poopiehead
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I have been planning to build a bog ever since I moved back home two years ago. I've finally did it.

I'm planning to fill it with plants that I won in the NASC auction.

I used the blocks that used to build small walls. I built it up two blocks high, then laid a sheet of plastic in it. I used the third row of blocks to hold the plastic .

Here's a few pics from the construction.



I used the plastic peat bags as filler for the bog. Instead of throwing them away to take up space in a landfill, I just through them in the bottom of the bog and covered them with the peat that came in them. I used 8 bails of peat.


The last bog I made was an in ground bog. Even with drain holes, I had problems with flooding, and that was without the rains from a hurricane. With the threat of 20+ inches of rain in one day if we have a hurricane, I had to come up with a way to drain the bog. I also had to think about long droughts that we have, like the one we are in right now.

Here's the system I came up with.

On top of the sheet of plastic, I took a large bowl, turned it on it's side.


I filled it full of rocks. I took a 1 1/2 " hose, tapeed a screen to one end to prevent clogging. I stuck the screened end into the rocks and ran the other end under the blocks.


I capped the end. If we are expecting a large rain, I'll just remove the cap. If it works the way I hope, the water will drain to the lowest level (the bowel with the rocks.) The water will drain through the rocks into the tube and with the cap removed, it'll drain outside of the bog. (I hope)

Here are the plants I have right now to go into the bog.


I've only gotten a few of my auction plants yet.

Here the plants after being planted.








D.capillaris from the ditch next to my house. Not looking to good due to the drought.













After I get the rest of my plants to go into the bog, I'm going to put a top layer of live sphagnum over the top.

As far as the construction of the bog, all I have left to do is to cut the overhanging plastic so it's not seen and then bury the drain tube.

Let me know what you think. Any hints or suggestions will be appreciated too.
great bog Ozzy! next year after the first frost i say you get all the D. burmanni seeds you can get your hands on....then spread them about the bog....wow....horrible night mare :D just kidding!

Looks good but you need LOTS more plants!
I know I need a lot more. Thanks to CP30, it'll look a lot better in another week.
great bog Ozzy! next year after the first frost i say you get all the D. burmanni seeds you can get your hands on....then spread them about the bog....wow....horrible night mare :D just kidding!


I don't know if it'll have enough room, it's already got D.capenisis, D.capillaris and U.subulata. I don't know if the D.burmanni will have any room to grow. I did win some in the auction, so we'll see who wins out.
Your burmanni is on the way! It may have some tough competition with the subulata and the capensis, but you might be surprised!
If I were you, I would worry more about the filiformis I am sending !



And that was in April! My poor purps need a new bog!!
Nicely done indeed! Next year for the auction you can offer a bog tour & BBQ or something...
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My 2 from the nasc were damaged I'm going to have to wait untill autumn to post pics of leucophylla "titan" and dana's delight but my dews look awsome enough to enter into the county fair :) I'm enering a cermaic bowl with all of y bog drosera I'm going to have to carefully replant them into it.
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Nice looking bog Ozzy! I like the idea of using the palstic peat bags as filler too. What are the finished dimensions?
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It's 8ft round.
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Whoa! Nice sized bog then. :-O Looks like you have some plantin' to do then. :hail:
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Looks very nice, Ozzy. I'm glad you mentioned the 8 bales of peat, because that was going to be my first question when I saw the size.

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Nice bog!My question is why did you plant them still in the pot?Or were you just putting them in like that just to see how they looked?Oh and how much were the blocks?

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I decided to leave the plants that were already planted in their pots because I didn't want to unpot them in the middle of the growing period.

The blocks were $1.98 each.
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...woah.. Ozzy - AWESOME BOG!!! i cant have any bogs where im at - it will get torn up by durn 'coons! please keep us posted on the progress of it! awesome!
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Those blocks are kind of spendy if you buy them at the hardware store. If you call around to construction salvage yards or demolition crews you can find them for free; just haul them away.
Cool bog though, I wish I could find the time to do one of those. What's that plant in the rectangular planter?
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Great looking bog Oz. How many beers did it take?
Pave the rim and you could have model NASCAR races on Sunday afternoons. Pit road will be a little muddy but..what the hey! :-))
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the water will drain to the lowest level (the bowel with the rocks.)

Ewwwwwwwwwww. I believe I read another topic recently about bowels. Either people need to proofread better or maybe they should look into some Phillips or Kaopectate. :-))

Great looking bog. I wonder if I could building something like that. :scratch: I haven't built a bog because I know I can't dig a hole big enough. But maybe I could do something like that. When I get some money.