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Hello from the San Francisco Bay Area!

Hi guys! I got into carnivorous plants about 5 years ago thanks to a friend, and since then I've expanded my collection to over 70 plants and counting (not including seedlings). I'm really happy to have found this forum, it's super awesome! I am luckily able to grow many species outside thanks to the mediterranean climate here. My local nursery has provided me with a good portion of my collection and I'm really fortunate to live near such a prominent nursery. My collection includes a fruiting Drosophyllum, 4 Heliamphoras ( I have a H. sarracenioides on the way!), a ton of sarracenias, and a ton more. I'll make a grow list and add some pics soon. Anyways, just saying hi! This seems like an awesome forum and a really great bunch of people. :-D
yes. more of us. soon, we can take over the world! :mwahaha:
Welcome to TF!
Welcome. Sounds like you need a nepenthes now. I like Sarracenias too.
haha ive got a few neps too :-D just didnt mention them in the post... and thanks for the welcome!
More a y'alls up in SF. Why not SD :lol:

Welcome!! :wave: