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Hey everyone. A little introduction. I have practically zero experience with carnivorous plants, in fact I don't really have much experience at all with terrestrial plants. I have however been in the aquarium hobby for a little over 3 years now. I've been keeping aquatic plants in my tanks for much of that time. I currently have 4 planted tanks, 2 planted vases, and 2 bins growing emersed plants. Apart from my aquatic hobby my only experience with plants has been a few hard to kill houseplants.

I first became interested in carnivorous plants about 2 years ago when a member of one of the aquarium forums I frequent posted pictures of his CPs. Who knew there were carnivorous plants besides the venus flytrap lol. From the browsing I've done on the forum so far it seems he is also a member here, so thanks JPappy for introducing me to CPs. I started off soon after by purchasing a venus flytrap and ordering some D. scorpioides. I did some research and was able to keep them alive for a couple months. That didn't last though so I gave up on CPs for a while. Recently, my interest has come back in full force. I also have a fascination with succulents and an interest in orchids although I don't own any yet. I'm trying to be patient this time around and do my research. However, this weekend I visited a local garden center to look at orchids and to my surprise they had a couple CPs. I impulsively purchased a Drosera and a Nepenthes. I don't know what species but I will try to get a positive ID soon.

Anyways I look forward to participating on the forum and learning from everyone as I'm sure I will be needing some help in the beginning.
Welcome to TF!
Hello and welcome to the forums.. I am also in Connecticut, down New Haven way.
Thanks everyone! I'll be sure to check out the NECPS, too bad it looks like I just missed the show by a few weeks.

Kahnli, I'm just a couple towns over in Milford.
Well, lets see if we can get you over for a tour of the greenhouse
Hello! I'm also in CT, in New Haven.

kahnli, are you talking about Edgerton? I think you mentioned it to me when I first joined the forums... it's an amazing place!

Yale has a little greenhouse, too. Not a lot of CPs, but I do remember seeing a cute little collection of pings...
Yes, Edgerton is a magical place! we have a couple of spaces for rent in the greenhouse if you are interested...
Yeah, Yale's "Botanical Gardens" falls a little short
That sounds great to me. I'd love to check it out.
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Hello and welcome :)