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Hello From California

Hello All,

I've recently gotten into CP's. It all started when I went to Home depot and found this ailing Nepenthes tucked away in the discount section half dead. In my attempt to recover my plant I went online and started doing research and came upon a few websites but one in particular, which basically gave me a "plant addiction", has left me with a pursuit as many of you have encountered. I have a custom built (by me) CP house that also has my other CP's/tropical fruits/vines/aroids and aquatic plants. It's not fancy but does the job. Here are a couple shots of my cp's, thanks!

Drosera Gland

The now thriving Nepenthes that I saved

Thanks for sharing theses pictures :)
And welcome to tfs!
Welcome! And that's a really nice Nepenthes!
Welcome ! Nice pictures. What all do you grow?
Welcome and WoW on the Drosera photo that must have take some time to setup.
Welcome to TF! Would you care to trade your camera for a cat or 2?
welcome! you have amazing pics! what drosera specie is it btw? =)
Hey all, thanks for the responses! To answer the questions:

@ catrus : I grow a lot of different plants, almost to many to keep track of. Lots of Drosera and Sarracenia. I just expanded my ping. collection quite a bit but everything is tiny. I'm looking to get more into Nepenthes however it is quite cost prohibitive at times. I also have a tomato collection..many hundreds of varieties to grow this year! Trying different Guava, Passionfruit, Papaya and Berries. I'm trying to grow some larger corn this year, I hit 15' with a stalk this last season. Kale, lettuce and other leafy greens are of interest to me. I grow my fiance Dahlia's of all sorts with majority interest in the dinner plate sized ones. I recently aquired a Tree Dahlia which grows 20ish ft!! Sorry, Im rambling....

@RSS: took a very long time with TONS of frustration. It's actually a lens that get the microscopic look and its very very difficult (precise parameters) to use. The "action" zone is at BEST the size of a rice grain. At f2.8 you get almost nothing in focus, its weird. So you have to shoot either f9-22 which needs tons of lighting. You can "focus bracket" with the help of software and thats where the lens shines. You take multiple images while scaling back the camera (its a non zoom lens). You need a little rail and a good steady hand. Forgot to mention that this lens pretty much cannot be used handheld..its sad because it has so much potential!! Thanks for checking the pictures out!

@jimscott: Well, my herd of cats seems to be complete, but I'll help you out with any questions or recommendations if you want to pursue macro photography!

@Salgadoxx8: Drosera Adelae, thanks for your compliment!

@ Tanukimo: Thanks! I believe its "Miranda" after looking at other posts..

@Maiden: I'll be posting more macro shots soon, thanks for checking them out!