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Hey all! I have heard a lot of great things about this forum so I decided to come pop in and say hello. My name is Matt and I live in Buffalo, NY. Along with my girlfriend, I run our local carnivorous plant club. I am getting my masters in botany and also run my own plant blog on the side. I love anything and everything plant related. I can't get enough. I started keeping carnivores about a year and a half ago and I really enjoy them a lot. I don't have much of a collection, mainly a couple cape sundews, a mexican butterwort, and a few Sarracenian pitchers. I love hiking and finding native plants. I have had the fortune of being able to explore many local bogs, fens and wetlands around the world and see many carnivorous species in the wild. Nothing comes close to that in my opinion. My favorite CPs would have to be the butterworts. I can't get enough of those little wonders. Along with CPs I also am a bit of an orchid, fern, and begonia nut. I love house plants almost as much as I love native plants. They really help me get through our long and dreary winters :p Welp that about does it. I hope to learn a lot here!

Hello matt and welcome !
Welcome to TerraForums! If you're looking to learn a lot, you've come to the right place! :D
Hi Matt, Welcome to TF! Is 'Sara-cenia' soon to follow?
Welcome to the group Matt!
Im about an hour east of you..
sounds like you have things well under control, but if you need any suggestions for
dormancy for VFT's and Sarracenia, for our climate, I have some write-ups on my webpage..
Thanks again everyone :)

Jim - She may... or just wait till I learn things and benefit :p

Scotty - Right on! I lost so many plants to last winter. I could use some advice!
I recognize that name if you're the same person (?), we follow each other on Instagram! Welcome!
Scotty - Right on! I lost so many plants to last winter. I could use some advice!

Well, if you are talking about VFT's and/or Sarracenia, (all Sarrs except S. purpurea)
there is basically one rule for overwintering those plants outdoors in our climate:

don't. ;)

Unless you have a large and deep in-ground bog, and mulch it heavily, they wont survive..
(and even then, its a gamble)
they definitely wont survive in pots..

Take a look at my write-ups here, and see if they helpful:


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I couldn't make the last meeting, because of my wedding anniversary. However, my 'apprentice' did.