I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
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That U. alpina looks great. I had one hang in for a few years, had huge tubers but never put out many leaves at a time. Is that as dry as it looks?
No, it's wet like Nepenthes soil should be. Not soaking like the reniformis or humboldtii seedling pots are, but fairly moist.
A lot of things either blooming for the first time in a while, or the first time ever well as a couple I just haven't photographed for a bit.
U. blanchetii "white flower" by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
First bloom for this species, and it's lovely
U. lateriflora by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
U. dichotoma by Hawken Carlton, on Flickr
And hopefully in the coming days, I'll get the first photo in years of my biloba blooming. I think I figured out its trigger...a drying out period.