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Happy Birthday, Mr. Phamtastic! :awesome:


I wish the happiest birthday to the guy that's so awesome, a whole new word had to be invented! :awesome:
[I am, of course, referring to our beloved amphirion, who is a fountain of knowledge and many talents]
I hope that when you wake up tomorrow :lol: you have the best day ever and get lots of great plants and other presents! :-D

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a great day!
Happy birthday!! Hope you have an awesome one :D
Happy Birthday, Apmh!May your wishlist be shorter, your grow list longer, and your days spent maintaining be endless. :D

Happy Birthday man!! :awesome:
Happy Birthday, Amp!!! Have a great day and an amazing year!
Happy birthday Daizybelle!

May you be successful in eliminating the hybrid swarm!
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Happy birthday!!
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Happy Birthday amphyphonoodles!!! :banana2:

May it come up all pond scums and sticky grass.
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Happy Birthday amphyphonoodles!!! :banana2: May it come up all pond scums and sticky grass.
Yeah - what she said - especially about the pond scum :awesome:

Anyone who has the power to lure Liz out of hiding must really be Phamtastic!! :hail:
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Yay pond scum. Happy b day many happy returns
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Happy Birthday old man :p

Passes the party jar of Geritol to Jon

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Jon, Happy Birthday.
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awww shucks guys and gals. you guys are quite a hoot. thanks very much for your wishes! appreciate you guys and for putting up with my silly antics and understanding my fascination with pondscum, sticky grass, and porcelain china plants....

you can all honor me, by VOTING (not necessarily for me :p)! do it. it is the right thing to do!
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Happy b'day!