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Guess who offered me a job?


Stay chooned in for more!
They said if I ever have some free time I should come by and and take care of the plants and they'd give me an orchid as payment for a days work. Sound's cool, huh?

If anyone has never been, it's AWESOME there! It's like a orchidophile's wet dream. Rows upon rows of orchids and some i've never even heard of before. 2 big macaws and a giant Iguana, too.

I'm not gonna do it, since i'm gonna do AP classes probably, and I know it's not a real job, but it was totally cool they they offered.

Picked up a Darwinasa Charm "Blue Star" and a Brassavola
. The Darwinasa has a spike forming, but the Brassavola i'll have to wait on.
That would be totally awesome. Could you just work one day a week on the weekends or something like that? What kind of offer was it? Like, for each day you work you get one plant? Or work for us and we will give you one plant?

It was like pull weeds, water, trim for a day and we'll give you a plant. I guess if I worked a second day i'd get a second plant lol. I'm not gonna do it, but it was cool they offered.

You gotta drive past a ratty trailer park to get to it, and it's on a crazy twisty road. We lucked up that we found it at all because a different nursery told us about it.

Next time I go i'll take pics for you guys. HUGE massive specimen plants hanging from the cieling, walking through a jungle of aerial roots, flowers the size of softballs. Flowers were EVERYWHERE!

they gave me a free cutting lol. Ludisia discolor. They've only been open to the public about 2 years or so, but they are 16 years old. Most of their plants were 10-30 bucks. Awesome prices.


Their main page says over 40,000 orchids and 15K sq. feet! The plants they have listed on their site is like the bare minimum of the variety they really have. They have all the common stuff but they also have Bulbo's ,Cirrhopetalum, Rodrigueziella, little pleuro's etc etc that isn't listed on their site (I guess because they don't have enough to supply mail order) Man they had EVERYTHING!

No nepenthes
They said last winter they had a whole section filled with them, though.
Um, wich state is the peach tree state?
[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Guess who offered me a job?

Your new GF in Florida?

[b said:
Quote[/b] ]Um, wich state is the peach tree state?

That sounds like a fun job though!
Even though i've never had any luck with orchids:(
Did they ask you because you hang out there all the time or because you are notorius in your neck of the woods for plant care?

Dude he runs the plant business there.
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...I don't run any business....

Auctually it was my first time going there and I think the lady was impressed that a 17 year old was talking like an adult orchid keeper
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he he he I just recently heard of the place and have been wanting to go isit since I heard of them. They are north of ATL. That is all I know. I will have to go visit sometime next year. I love getting things I haven't seen before