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Has anyone had luck growing this plant? I've heard how difficult it is to keep alive. I used to have some but they just got smaller and smaller and faded away. When I received them, they hadn't broken up into pieces like they are said to do, but after several weeks in my tank they just all died.
I'm considering giving them another try, but I'd like to ask if anyone has any tips on how to grow them. Granted, the tank I put them in only had some peat in the substrate (the rest being Floramax) and the water was somewhat hard, but all my other Utricularia in the tank (gibba, foliosa, intermedia, inflata, and geminiscapa) are still alive. I know Aldrovanda dies off if there isn't enough carbon dioxide, so could that be the culprit? Thanks!
Here is picture of one of the plants while it was still alive. As you can see, the foliage kept getting smaller and smaller.
I've had great success with this species outside. Never tried growing it indoors however.
From what I have seen in the wild in North Carolina this plant behaves like an annual. By that I mean once it blooms and sets seed it dies. I've never seen this plant in the exact same location twice. It seems to migrate slowly to different locations through the waterways. It also seems to prefer areas with fairly stagnant water. Many of the locations I have seen it blooming are dry much of the year and only flood with heavy rains. Hope this helps!
I've had great success with this species outside. Never tried growing it indoors however.
Could you specify some more on how you are growing the plants? Is it in a pond or a container? Do you add any food to the water? I guess I could try growing it outside, this time using peat with RO water.
mcmcnair, I didn't know that about Utricularia purpurea. Unfortunately, my plants never flowered for me before dying. I wish I lived close to carnivorous plants in the wild.