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Hi, new grower here(no surprise) from the gulf coast of Texas, where its either hot or raining. Not much In between, weather wise. Like most when I was young I owned a small typical VFT. Recently I've gotten back Into the hobby when I officially declared wwr on the flying insect invaders that have attempted capture of my back porch. Since I have place my currently 8 carnivorous plants back there, I have noticed that a.) The sundews are very vicious. And b.) Together they all have reduced the number of mosquitoes and flies that are present. They get eaten, much to my delight. I deter wasps with regular spraying and a citranel plant, so it seems my botanical bug deterants are all working in a pretty good harmony. :D

Currently, I have all my plants outside, as implied above. However, today something happened where I have decided that they cannot remain outside any longer. I came home from work to find that a wooden planter that was empty had somehow managed to turn and flip... Right onto my poor Venus fly traps. They seem to be okay but three traps partially closed and I am concerned I might lose them. What do you more experienced folk think? The sundews were getting pretty beaten by the wind as well, but they'll be fine in a day or so once this wind dies down. Since I can't guarantee my plants safety outside due to our crazy weather, i am about to purchase a 4', 4 bulb t5 HO grow light. I don't think I need a terrarium because my house is always about 55-60% humidity. That seems to be the butter zone for these plants. So, I'm clearing a spot out for then on top of a small shelf. Now I have to find a way to hang the light from my ten foot ceiling. Did I mention I don't like heights on ladders? O.O

How sufficient will that be? I'm gonna leave them all in pots and i figure two 6500k and two 3000k spectrum bulbs should be better lighting than what they get outside now. They are turning red so I think the spot outside is good, but they could be more lit. I'm just worried about the heat near the middle of the day so they are shaded from about 12-2 or 3. Hopefully some more senior growers can enlighten me a bit here. Gonna buy the light today ideally, online.

Let me you about my actual plants... All were bought, I havent attempted seed yet but would like to. I've just always been better at keeping plants alive and thriving than starting seeds.

I have three flytraps: a typical Dionaea that I rescued(literally) from Walmart at the beginning of the season. It's doing really nicely now, with two separate growing plants identifiable. Traps up to half an inch. Respectable for what it is.

I have two hybrid: one is a Colorado giant from cobraplant that is labeled as a Big Mouth x Low Giant. It offers an interesting mix of traps; right now I have a few(struck by the planter ><) that are almost over an inch. And then some teen little cute baby traps best the base. Some grow high, some grow low... never seen one quite like it. The other hybrid I got about 2 days ago. I won it in a heated ebay auction. It's a B52 x Big Mouth. Still shocked as it Is freshly potted. Hopefully the planter hitting it doesn't postpone its deshocking.

My sundews, I have a multitude extrema that is starting to take on a life of its own. That and my dichotoma giant are like the ultimate gbat assassins. It's carnage on the leaves and I like it. My other ones are my flowering(i think? It has antennas with bulbs) Spatulata, a mystery capensis that came potted with the dich giant, two hybrids: a Spatulata x Capensis and an Intermedia x Capillaris. I have another Binata on the way: Marston Dragon. Appropriate since I have the two used to create it. Also, I finally found a Drosera nagamoto which I've wanted for a while now on the way. Be about all I get for a while, lol. Still looking out for that illusive x Oblovata though, like everyone else.

Anyway... Hi! About all I have to say. I typed this all on a phone, so forgive any odd typos.
Welcome to TerraForums :-D About the lighting, that sounds okay but it might help if the plants were also near a window/ on a windowsill. Some natural light is usually much appreciated by all CPs, although not necessary. Anyways, looks like you're off to a nice start and it's always nice to see new faces on the forum.
Oh, my apologies. I will edit if not already done.

Iwest: unfortunately I have literally no good Windows in my house. The best one is a southeast facing window in the office/storage room but I can't put them in there. My bedroom where they are going only gets light near the end of the day. Between trees and house eaves, its hard to get morning and evening sun even when the plants are outside. I agree though that there is no full replacement for the sun. I'll see what I can do. Could just cut a hole in the ceiling and make a skylight. :p

Random, but I forgot to mention in my original post that I also love cactus and succulents and have been growing those longer than insectivores.
Welcome to TF!
Yes welcome :wave: