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Getting back into the hobby

Hi there,

My name is Chris. I live on the Oregon Coast. Ever since high school I have been fascinated with carnivorous plants. At one time, I had a moderate sized collection. But due to space, money, and time I had to give it all up a couple years ago. But the bug has bitten me again, and I am ready to start over.

My boys are 6 and 7 this year, and I am really excited to introduce them to this great hobby I have fallen in love with. I have been showing them pictures, and the D. Rotundifolia that I got from a friend of mine. And they seem to be really interested.

My primary interests are Drosera, Cephalotus, and Nepenthes. But all CP's fascinate me. I look forward to participating and even contributing a little here.

Welcome to TF!
Welcome to TF :-]