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fun and games ! NAME THAT NEPENTHES.


I dont have that many neps :blush: so i may not be the best for this game but here goes.
not peter d , not burkii,
keep guessing ill add a pic in a while.
Maybe a spectabilis or maxima?

Are we allowed to post a few as well? :)
Is it your lady?
ventricosa x x TM ???
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not sure what my lady is ?? name??
it is a cross.
  • #12
lady Pauline.
  • #13
Has to have spectabilis in it... Or so I think haha. :p
  • #14
i'm betting it has some lowii in it. Not sure what else though.
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probably shouldnt have labeled it in photo bucket LOL , cant you just right click the pic and see the ulr if the name was added in the file, oops , looks like that one guy got it right , well this is fun some one else give it a try sometime.
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I see someone guessed my guess camp x lowii lol
  • #18
I also say campy x lowii
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yep lowii campanulata,

Ill try another one some time, and see if we can go a bit longer , but not too long it would get boring before too many guesses.