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Results of a Poll: Favorite "Common" Nepenthes

I started a poll in another group.

The group is a private Facebook group, so I can't link to it, but I thought some might find the results interesting. It's ongoing, but after 11 hours there are 126 votes, and the general trends are clear.

Here's what I asked:

What is your favorite "common" Nepenthes?
I'm thinking of those that are most likely to be available in places such as big box stores and general nurseries.
Include such considerations as appearance, ease of growth, how fun to grow, and whether you would recommend it to a beginner.
Please elaborate in the comments.
Add any I've left out out. Vote for more than one, if wanted.

The results so far:

Nepenthes 'Miranda': 27%
Nepenthes sanguinea: 5%
Nepenthes ventricosa: 11%
Nepenthes x ventrata (aka "alata"): 3%
Nepenthes 'Gaya': 15%
Nepenthes 'Lady Luck': 1%
Nepenthes 'Rebecca Soper': 2%
Nepenthes 'Bill Bailey': 0%

Added by others:
Nepenthes ventricosa x lowii: 31%
Nepenthes ampullaria: 4%
Nepenthes maxima: 1%

The percentage for N. ventricosa x lowii is in no way a fluke. That represents 39 votes. I suspect a large factor is that the hybrid has been made widely available in Europe (and I think more recently in the US). Only 3 people voted for N. ventrata.

Any thoughts?
One result of the poll was the relative lack of popularity of Nepenthes ventrata. I've found that many articles geared towards beginners strongly suggest this plant. It's also perhaps the most widely available in stores and nurseries (in my experience, in the U.S., California). Perhaps we should question whether it's indeed one of the best choices? I'm curious if others have an opinion.

I was surprised to find that a couple of the top vote getters in the poll are available on Amazon, of all places, from sellers I would highly recommend. I tend to associate Amazon with junk seeds, and I assumed, junk plants. One of those sellers is one of the most highly regarded carnivorous plant nurseries in the country.

I won't mention the sellers by name here, but if anyone wants to discuss my experiences privately, please contact me. 3 sellers I've bought from and recommend highly are selling 'Gaya' for less than $20, two with free shipping. One of those sellers is also selling N. 'Briggsiana', and I've actually bought that hybrid from her, and was highly pleased.

It's nice to see that great plants are being made available at good prices.
Interesting! I didn't even know some of those were considered common neps
Interesting! I didn't even know some of those were considered common neps
I would question N. ampullaria on the list, maybe it is in the tropics?. I'm not sure about N. maxima. But as far as I'm aware, all of the others have been mass produced, and sold cheap by nurseries such as Wellspring, and/or online on Amazon, etc. or in Big Box stores.
The poll, and a discussion that developed, included an amazing photo of a mature pitcher (!) of Nepenthes 'Gaya'. So I decided to buy one for my mom, at only $17 including shipping from Amazon. That particular nursery doesn't sell the plant at the moment on Amazon.

I was really impressed with the plant:

Nepenthes 'Gaya' received, April 19th, packed..jpg

Potted up in the included pot and soil:

Nepnethes 'Gaya' potted, April 19th.jpg
That N.'Gaya' is a beauty!

As for my fave Nep (common or not) it's Nepenthes 'Lady Luck'!

I like the size/shape of the plant and those red pitchers!