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VR games n stuff

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I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
My brother in law gave us a meta quest 2 for Christmas. We had a gear vr (I believe it was called) years ago that came with our Samsung phones (you snapped the phone into the headset).
We played this game Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes which was fun, so I grabbed that again.
I also grabbed Beat Sabor, kids said it was a "had to". And the wife wants to demo climb 1 and 2.
Anything else I should look at? Looks like quite a few things are on sale for a couple more days.
are u planning to get the apple vr thing? its supposed to be the next iphone moment :)
dont worry ull be living in VR soon enough ready player 1 style ! :p
Nah, I wouldn't even buy myself a vr at all, it's kinda cool thought, I guess. I definitely don't see myself buing an ianything...
maybe u can work with a programmer
about a game adventure where ppl play with carnivous plants
not just growing it but interactions say jack and the beanstalk style :)