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free seeds


hello! in case you didnt know im a huge fan of beetles! i currently have a ox beetle female that needs male asap

so if you live in southern CA, georgia, arizona, SC, NC, Florida or anywhere around those states ( NO pacific north west)

so to catch rhino beetles or stag beetles just smash a banana and put it under your porch light or somewhere bright during midnight

and maybe add little bit of beer to help spread smell... and check back at the banana beer mixture around midnight...

there will be many moths, beetles, and stuff... what i want is beetle that is about the size of a quarter... so if you find few, store them in deli cups or plastic bag .. just make sure to poke holes on the side

and place the beetle in the plastic bag or cup with moist paper towl and maybe little piece of banana for food please repeat until you find a lot of big beetles

then when you got couple beetles please take a picture to confirm with me and pm me the picture

i can either pay 7 dollars for shipping or give you 40 drosera sessilifolia seeds and 50 burmanii hong kong seeds

thanks for reading and trying
So the FREE seeds are what? I see a trade offer here.
d.sessilifolia, d.burmanii hong kong and possibly d.omissa white
Okay..so how do we get the FREE seeds without sending you insects. Your title says free seeds, not seeds for trade
I think what chibae is trying to point out is that you listed your seeds as free instead of what they really are: a trade offer.
Yeah, I'm not seeing where the "free" bit is.
best not to advert free anything with chib around unless you plan to follow through :lol:
best not to advert free anything with chib around unless you plan to follow through :lol:

what's wrong MylesG, still want the missing parts of your anatomy back
ummm sorry guys... ok i want to change it to trade but it wont let me so...
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but anyway if you can help me out on beetles that would be great
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I would be very happy to help you collect those beetles, I will put out your recommended recipe and let you know if I catch any. Just save some of those seeds for me!

P.S. I live in Ga
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thank you :)
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Omg okay I wanna do this lol. If I find the beetles, I'll give them to you for free haha. This actually sounds really fun! :)

Pshhhh Fuzzy asking people to catch bugs for him. :awesome:

Is it legal for me to ship them to Washington or is that like so illegal that they'll come to my house and give me a $30,000,000 fine? ???
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Their Larvae are good for nepenthes :D they love it!
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send me some please!!!!
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if you actually do it ill be happy