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Free Nepenthes good starter plant

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I'm growing CPs in the Desert of Tucson, Az
Hello, I have a nepenthes that was one of my first ones that I never really took great care of. It is even still in the original "junk" media. It was purchased from Homedepot so is one of those mystery hybrid things I guess. I don't know if the lack of lid is from horrid breading, or me never giving it what it wanted (but my other neps don't complain about my conditions ???)... But I don't really have the time to be messing with it at this point. I figure it'd be a good introduction for someone new to Neps. I just need to get rid of it as soon as possible.


If you want this Nepenthes for SHIPPING only, send me a pm and title it called "nep for shipping" and just put a quick note in there...

But even easier for me would be if you buy something from my store, and I add it to the box for free.... (Then I don't have to go to the post office :D) So if you're interested in picking something up from my store and want this nep tossed in for free... You'll get dibs over the "shipping only" folks... So send your PM titled "Nep for addin" Pick up one of my N. sanguinea plants and you'll have a good start on easy to grow neps :) (and higher dibs of the "add in people) For the addin list... let me know if you're interested in buying the N. sanguinea or something else... I'll probably close this Wednesday or Thursday and ship on Saturday (for Monday arrival)... I'll close this when it's done and PM the person who will get it and what to do... Below is a picture of the plant as it currently sits....

And please don't post "pm'd you" or anything like that. Questions and comments in this thread only. Thanks. :)


Edit: basic shipping for "shipping only" will be $5.00
I have a plant that looks like that that is labeled as "wittei" (from LBG), but neither of them are really wittei. Could be albo x fusca....maybe...
Thanks everyone, pending follow through, this offer is closed since I received an order to add this to. Sorry to those that requested it for shipping, this is just so much easier.

Not open for further replies.