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Free for two random NASC auction donors: One Rooted Ceph Emu Point

There will be two winners, both will receive one of the Cephs in the photos below. Winners will be chosen by RNG. We will pay for the shipping so there is no cost to you.

The rules!

1. You donated (posted a thread) ANYTHING for the 2014 NASC Auction. (I will be checking :-D)
2. Continential US only.
3. You can not win this giveaway and the leaf pull giveaway (Feel free to sign up for both, the winners for this giveaway will be decided first)
4. You are willing to post your options on the rooting sponge used for the leaf pull either by PM or in this thread when planting and a few months out.(http://www.terraforums.com/forums/s...-traditional-methods-Lets-get-a-list-together)

This is my first time rooting Ceph leaves in these seed starting sponges so I have no idea what to expect when I remove the plug so there is some risk. The winners will receive one of the plugs and I would recommend just planting the plug in your usual Ceph mix, but I have never tried these things before so who knows! The reason I want feedback.

Sign up in the usual manner


Ceph Emu Point

DSC_0180 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
And Ceph Emu Point

DSC_0181 by randallsimpson, on Flickr
1. NatchGreyes
2. Bonnie
1. NatchGreyes
2. Bonnie
3. jrfxtreme
1. NatchGreyes
2. Bonnie
3. jrfxtreme
4. charlie Thanks!
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Question: When do you plan on doing the drawings?
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Should be tomorrow evening for both giveaways, will the plan to mail out next week if nothing changes.
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Ok thanks, got my fingers crossed!
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Ha! Keepin' it all in the Commonwealth! Thank you Randall!