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I was over at my mom's, partly to get a picture of a Begonia, and I broke a piece off that plant by accident. So I decided to gather a few things and make it interesting.

Here's what I left with:

1) Kalanchoe 'Pink Butterflies'
2) Calceolaria mexicana seedling (annual, reseeds)
3) Begonia 'Gene Daniels' cutting (gets huge, 6 x 6 ft.)
4) "Blue" Dendrobium keiki (Den. phalaenopsis hybrid, I assume)
5) Oxalis hirta bulbils (appear on surface of pot).
6) Begonia foliosa (or fuchsioides, checking) cutting
7) Crassula alba var. parvisepala plantlets
8) Tinantia pringlei cutting
9) Begonia bowerae leaf cutting
10) Begonia 'Erythrophylla' leaf cutting
11) Abutilon 'Little Imp' (Abutilon megapotamicum hybrid)
12) Impatiens namchabarwensis cuttings (blue Impatiens)
13) Agapetes serpens cutting
14) Crassula 'Red Pagoda' cuttings/small plants
15) Salvia oxyphora cutting (pink fuzzy flowers, very cool)
16) Neomarica caerulea division/fan

I'm not looking for a comparable number of things in return, and will send these for postage if I don't get a fairly quick response.

I'm not sure what I'm looking to trade for, but one idea would be something that my mom would like, as these are from her plants. Also with mother's day coming, although I will be getting something for her already at the SFBG big sale next Friday. She complains she already has too many plants, so I have to get creative. She only has a few, as she's limited to two small balconies and an equivalent space on the ground floor, plus several windows inside.

One thing that might work are small carnivorous plants (or potentially non-carnivorous), particularly ones that could be added to existing pots. She has a couple pots with Sarracenias, for example, that a couple little guys could be added to. Obvious candidates might be an very red VFT or Drosera aliciae. Her climate is almost identical to mine: 60/40 winter, 75/55 summer, although she sometimes barely hits freezing once or twice a year.

Or instead, it could be something that I might like. I'm limited by lack of space and no full sun anywhere.

I would like to send most or all of these to one person. I would plan on sending the two potted guys in pots (although I would likely give the Kalanchoe a smaller pot). Even then, everything should ship for a pound. I'd also like to do this in the next few days, although I'll keep things in water or perlite as appropriate. I think all the unrooted plants should probably root easily in water, with the possible exception of the Agapetes (I have rooted an A. serpens hybrid in water, though). I'm not positive the Salvia roots in water, but I'm guessing yes. Any unrooted succulents can go directly in soil and should be fine.

If someone is looking for just one or a couple of these, let me know, as I can easily get more (and/or grow it myself).

Here are photos of what I can send, followed by zoomed in versions of the big one, and one I forget to include in the photo:

And here are photos of a few things as larger plants:

Kalanchoe 'Pink Butterflies':

Crassula alba var. parvisepala (the flowers are spectacular--see Anne's Annuals catalog for photos)

Abutilon megapotamicum hybrid 'Little Imp':

Agapetes serpens:

Impatiens namchabarwensis

Neomarica caerulea:

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I forgot #16:

Some comments about heat and cold tolerance: All but two Begonias and the Dendrobium are grown outside here; all the Begonias do fine outside in our zone 10 N. CA climate. The only one that I see that would clearly be trouble in a warm (Florida) zone 10 climate is Agapetes serpens. Probably in parts of Florida, the Dendrobium could go outside. Most would also do fine in a zone 9b climate. A couple can push past zone 9: Tinantia pringlei (zone 7 or maybe 6) and Salvia oxyphora (zone 7 or 8). Calceolaria mexicana is an annual, and Impatiens namchabarwensis is a perennial often grown as a reseeding annual.

But what if one lives in a much colder climate, say zone 5? I think the following would adjust to living as houseplants easily: All Begonias, the Dendrobium, Impatiens namchabarwensis (I've grown/bloomed it under lights). I've heard people grow Abutilons and the Neomarica as houseplants, although I imagine they require high lights. All the succulents require high light, but again, I'm sure people find a way. Even the Agapetes, I know someone who has buds on a rooted cutting I gave him that has been inside all winter (zone 6 or 7, CT, admittedly, I'm impressed he could do this). Presumably the Salvia could be saved as cuttings (or potentially the whole plant) inside. The Oxalis requires very high light (full sun outside) and is summer dormant, but even that I'm sure some people can manage.
i have some little pinguicula moranensis clumps your mum could stick in her sarracenia pots and such... ill add that to the trade if youd like!!
i will always take any begonias your looking to get rid of!!!! ;)
I've decided to give these away to a local friend who also happens to be a member of this forum.

SnapTrap23--I'll add the two that were not on the original list (the two small leaves). I can get more of those. The list will probably be significantly expanded.