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For Trade: 12" truncata x x TM

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N. truncata x (x Trusmadiensis) = N. truncata x x TM
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wow im crazy today ( i think its the storm)
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not my style..

I only grow truncata x hybrids.
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Lol yeah any dragon is a truncata hybrid. Black dragon is izumea x truncata.
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Black dragon is izumea x truncata.

that's an izumae hybrid if I've ever heard of one.

a truncata hybrid is something like:

truncata x veitchii
truncata x ovata
truncata x x Trusmadiensis

female truncata hybrids only.. how's that?
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da da dahhhhh!

izu x truncata sounds awesome!
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That is what you call splitting hairs. It's irrelevant anyway, since I withdraw the offer.
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not sure how my trade thread turned into a debate on my personal preference in plants, but guess I'll just keep it for the sake of public calmness.
Thanks for the offers though.
Other than the stinky dog offer. Shame on you Anna for trying to pawn it off on me. :slap:
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