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For Trade: 12" truncata x x TM

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I have a medium sized rooted cutting of N. truncata x x TM (EP). Considering what I paid for the unrooted cutting, I estimate the value to be around $125 range. So please keep that in mind when making an offer.
Looking for HL-UHL neps, SA drosera, and adult cephs of all variations.



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i got a bunch of capes

That is a beast of a plant. Good luck finding something worth it.
Wonderful looking plant!

I assume a SASE is out of the question? :awesome:
I guess I can answer all of these questions at once with only two words..

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Wish I had something for you!!
"TM" somehow stands for "trusmadiensis". Not really sure how the abbreviation "TM" is supposed to stand for that though.
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Ill trade my husky for it? Shes good and learning not to pee all over the floor lmao not sure how she would do for shipping though :p
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I hate dogs..
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show us pic from other angles and more of the now pitcher
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pics available upon request for trade offers only..
Are the posted pics not good enough for spectators?
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rooted cutting of eymae x veitchii
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lol those offers should warrant some better pics :p
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better pics? ouch.. alright alright.. brb
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well you showed the perisotme off like a champ :) but i wanna see some body :banana2:
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